Marina Lite

World class automation at an entry level price

Marina Lite is the powerful and compact new automation solution from Pebble Beach Systems,
optimised to control up to 6 channels.

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Drawing on the strengths of the widely adopted Marina enterprise level automation platform, Marina Lite delivers best of breed functionality at an entry level price. A robust and resilient solution, it is designed to control legacy products and platforms as well as emerging solutions such as channel-in-a-box technologies within video, IT and hybrid infrastructures. The system is scalable from 1 to 6 channels and can have an unlimited number of clients, and each configuration is available as a fully redundant version.

Advanced Control Functionality

Marina Lite features a sophisticated and configurable control layer, with the capability for a single client to control up to 6 channels. The operator has clear visibility of multi-channel operations, and a direct desktop view of playout and ingest monitoring. Custom user privileges and desktop layouts can be set to minimise operator error and optimise the user experience.

‘Smartlist’ Playlist Technology and Validation

Marina Lite features enterprise level playlist intelligence and validation. Tools for the control of highly reactive channels – with frequent late scheduling changes and multiple event types, multiple classifications, different start and end types, and over-running or under-running events – mean that all channel types and playout scenarios are catered for. And every event  is automatically and continuously checked for availability and timing issues to safeguard your smooth playout.

Scalable as your business grows

We understand that a broadcaster’s requirements change. If your channel architectures expand to encompass control of many more third party devices, or you need to add extra channels, we can offer an upgrade path to our full Marina enterprise level solution. As both systems use the same user interface there is no need to retrain your operators or change your methods of working.

Key Features

  • Enterprise class control
    for systems of up to 6 channels, with an unlimited number of clients
  • Third Party Device Control
    of up to 30+ devices, via serial, IP or GPI interfaces
  • Scalable and Flexible
    with an upgrade path to 6 channels, and to full Marina automation when channel and device counts increase
  • Unicode compliance
    enables operation in multiple languages including Arabic, Chinese and Japanese
  • Automatic Media Caching
    from nearline storage to the main server, or to both main and backup servers in redundant systems
  • File import from proven traffic interfaces
    including a BXF interface to the Myers ProTrack system. An Excel importer is also provided.
  • Offline prep list
    for the creation of on air schedules, giving a view of all available clips in transmission and nearline storage systems.
  • Redundant configurations
    offering fully automatic changeover.
  • Lighthouse
    powerful and secure remote management and monitoring

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    Enterprise level automation for powerful multi-channel delivery

  • marina lite icon 1

    Marina Lite

    World class automation at an entry level price

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    Software-defined integrated channel in a flexible automation environment

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    Software-defined virtualised IP channel

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    Self-contained channel in a box
    for all channel types