ABS, Philippines

ABS is one of the fastest growing satellite operators in the world.  It currently hosts over 200 channels, making it one of the premium pay TV distribution platforms in Asia Pacific.  ABS selected Marina to control the playout of its channels.  The system, which went live in the second half of 2013, features Marina controlling Harmonic’s ChannelPort devices. Tom Gittins, Pebble Beach Systems Sales Director, explains:

We continue to add to Marina’s capabilities, and in this instance the tight integration between Marina and the Harmonic ChannelPort was vital to providing the level of functionality required, including support for DVE and Audio Mixing. The openness of Marina through its web services API allowed the system to provide a workflow linking in to the broadcasters existing upstream media preparation systems.

Key priorities in this case were that all control within the system should be carried out over purely IP using specific device APIs and to build a system that occupies a very small physical footprint, both of which we were able to deliver. As a next generation, 64 bit automation solution, Marina continues to evolve, providing the functionality which keeps pace with end user’s requirements, whilst giving them a technology platform which can cope with future reconfigurations and expansion.”

ABS is delighted to work with Pebble Beach Systems to support its tier one video customer. It was important for us to select a solution that met with our video customer requirements offering flexibility, reliability, and performance satisfaction,” commented Tom Choi, CEO of ABS.  “The investment made in adopting this advanced technology of Pebble Beach Systems is a crucial factor of ABS’ expansion plan to develop its Subic Bay facility into a major broadcasting hub to support video customers both locally and regionally.