Skynet iMotion Activities, Belgium

8 channels

Skynet iMotion Activities (SiA) is an entity of the Proximus Group that deals with the creation, production, purchase, and exploitation of audiovisual content. This content is offered on Proximus TV and broadcast on its own channels, which are exclusive to the Proximus TV platform. The Proximus group is the leading provider of telephony, Internet and television services in Belgium.

In addition to the distribution of all regular national and international TV channels, SiA provides exclusive channels including sports 11+ soccer, Basket a Movies & Series channel and the Zoom channel.

SiA channels are broadcast in both French and Dutch language versions. In effect this means managing these language versions almost as separate entities with different voiceover and graphics.

SiA took the system on air in August 2012, with Marina controlling its EVS-server system and Miranda Vertigo graphics. It also interfaces to a Front Porch Digital DIVA archive.

The system incorporates varying levels of redundancy, with full Air Protect on the most critical channels, and an additional level of redundancy for the graphics, which switches to the backup graphics device using Marina’s routing if the main graphics should fail. N+1 redundancy is used in less important channels

Marina’s Auto Promo Generation feature was developed to meet Proximus’ requirements. This safeguards the integrity of channel information graphics for broadcasters who have to deal with late breaking changes. Immediately prior to a graphic going on air, Marina dynamically sources data from multiple playlists at the same time, extracting the most up to date programme information. Configurable templates are then populated with accurate start times, titles, preview clips and images as required, so that last minute schedule changes can be displayed without the need to manually generate new graphics.

SiA chose Pebble Beach’ s Marina Playout system for its flexibility and configuration possibilities and proven track record. SiA extended the systems to include the Movies & Series channels brought into service in April 2014.

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