Ericsson, France

CANAL+ OVERSEAS is a subsidiary of Canal+ Group which is responsible for international and French overseas territories, reaching over 40 countries of Sub-Saharan Africa, the Indian Ocean, the Caribbean, and the South Pacific.

Playout of these channels is handled by Ericsson France from their Paris facility, and the Marina system currently encompasses 22 of Canal+ Overseas’ channels, with further channels due to be added to the system in the coming months. Each of the 10 playout clients has visibility of all 32 main and 32 backup playlists, and all of the ingest resources, although individual user access is restricted as appropriate via the user login tools. A Tedial MAM system generates ingest requests, which are then implemented by Marina from live feeds as well as from Flexicarts, and standalone VTRs.

A key requirement for Ericsson was the ability to link together a number of playlists and have them triggered simultaneously. A further consideration was the ability to segment media very close to air, where the ‘timecode in’ point of the first segment is defined, but playout starts before the ‘timecode out’ point is defined or recorded.