Working With Us

Aaronn Kelly – Senior Customer Support Engineer

Aaronn Kelly 2

Aaronn Kelly says “I’ve been with the company for 18 months and have worked entirely in Support since I joined. This is probably the most customer-facing department at Pebble, so we’re the people who are onsite setting up and configuring these brand new channels or systems, or we’re in the office supporting and helping existing customers.”

“The best thing about the job is that every single one of these installs is different so there’s always something to learn. The variety is cool. We’ve just started a rotation system in the department, so we do 6 months in the office dealing with on air customers or emergencies, then we go back onto the travel rota. Last time I spent most of my time in Europe with a couple of stints in the Middle East. I’m next looking forward to working on an install of our newest virtualised playout solution – so there’s the pressure but also the excitement of implementing something that’s brand new technology.”

“Being on-site can be crazy! Every customer is different and the hours can be long and erratic, but the technical challenge and the interaction with the customer make each trip rewarding in its own way.”

“This was my first job after Uni. I went for lots of jobs on graduate schemes with big employers, but everywhere I went it seemed like you were just going to be a cog, that you’d never be ‘you’. Here I feel I’ve been able to fit in, to have a chat with someone in the US as if they were at the desk next to me. It’s cool to be known by everyone, and to feel that you can make a difference.”