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Filipe Oliveira – Software Developer

Filipe Oliveira - Software Developer

I am a software developer in the Marina team and am just about to start working on a new project focusing on Recurring Scheduled Ingest for our customer, Bloomberg. This is a project that could also be rolled out to other customers in the future mainly in the US. I like that these projects challenge me and I get to come up with solutions to solve complex problems.

I like being able to discuss my approaches with senior engineers and get their input and feedback to generate new ideas. The environment is very friendly and I love the fact that senior managers value my ideas and are willing to apply them if they are feasible. If they are not, they give great feedback so I am constantly learning. After coming in as a graduate, I have built a strong business mind along with improving my technical skills which has been very valuable.

I love all of the activities Pebble offer and particularly enjoy playing football and basketball and taking part in the running challenges!