Working With Us

Stuart – Technical Product Specialist

stuart wood image 1

I’m a product specialist, I work with the product engineering and pre sales teams. I’m doing a number of interesting jobs at the moment.  One of those is being involved in the integration of  third party partners with our systems and helping to define some of our new products, such as a new asset management system by Blue Lucy to provide enhanced workflow orchestration and media management to our customers.  I’ve been working with Pixel Power a graphics specialist on integrating their 3D graphics  engine into Dolphin to provide best of breed graphics in a virtualised environment. I find working with third parties really interesting as I get to talk to people outside of the company and experience other products which our customers use. It’s about taking the problems our customers face and finding solutions to them, whether it’s by developing a new solution or integrating with a partner.

I also work on our internal graphics which is a lot of fun and help out with product definitions for Marina and Lighthouse. I get the opportunity to travel and do some pre sales work too, last week I was in Zurich discussing a new system with a customer and before that I was in America doing some proof of concepts and demos at a trade show.

I love that my role is so varied. I’ve had some great opportunities throughout my time at Pebble! I started off in technical support and projects, then got the chance to work in Singapore and joined the product team when I returned. Even in my day to day role I am never doing the same things, one day I might make a flash graphic and do some video editing and the next day I could be working on new feature requirements or travelling across the world. It keeps it really interesting!

The people really make Pebble such a great place to work. There is a great culture and I get to communicate with all areas of the business from support up to senior management. I love keeping up to date with what’s happening throughout the business and with our different products. Plus, it means I don’t get stuck when questions get fired at me from customers when I travel! We get involved in loads of great social activities too. I arrange our weekly badminton sessions and play basketball when I find the time which are both a lot of fun and a great way to unwind at lunch time.