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Orchestration is the first functional service to be launched on Oceans, Pebble’s next generation cloud-first, self-healing, service-oriented broadcast technology platform.

Deployable in the public cloud or on-premises, Pebble Orchestration enables you to design your own workflows through an intuitive canvas web interface, giving you the power to orchestrate multiple steps with complex conditions which you can test and deploy for instant use.

Whether you’re moving content from shared Amazon S3 storage, nearline servers, deep archive or standard network storage, Orchestration handles your workflow needs securely, reliably and dynamically.

You can configure and control your workflows through rules to easily manage a combination of scenarios; whether that’s content that needs auto or manual QA, first transcoding or just sending to archive. Rules can be triggered either automatically or periodically and created with conditionals which then fire one or multiple workflows as required. Where you need a one-off task to be completed, Pebble Orchestration allows the manual invoking of any workflow.

Oceans and Pebble Orchestration support broadcasters and media companies to transition towards IP based technologies, making on-premises and public cloud technology a realistic and affordable choice, whether for daily operations, business continuity or disaster recovery.

Key features
  • Storage Connectivity
    • Bridge the gap between networked storage (SMB) and Amazon S3
  • Flexible Workflows
    • Create, test and deploy your own workflows
    • Design your workflows with the simple to use workflow builder with intuitive and user friendly “drag and drop” canvas
    • Create custom workflows which are as simple or complex as you need, with single or multiple steps
  • Selective Processing
    • Create conditional rules to execute bespoke workflows with fine control of workflow processing
  • Automatic Processing
    • Automatically monitor content for changes on networked storage folders to trigger rules which process workflows
    • Set up periodic time-based triggers to schedule regular workflow processing
  • Monitoring
    • Understand your workflows in real-time to understand their status and the load in your system

Oceans is Pebble’s next generation, cloud-first, self-healing, service-oriented broadcast technology platform, with security baked in.

It provides flexible, scalable architecture for multiple functional services to run on, underlining Pebble’s commitment to support broadcasters as the media landscape evolves and cloud and IP technologies are more widely adopted.


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