Pebble Beach Systems

Broadcast Solutions: Pebble Beach Systems has an unrivalled track record for developing and delivering specialist solutions to meet the automated ingest, content management and playout requirements of the international broadcast community. Learn how our systems have been implemented at
key sites around the world.

    1. National Broadcasters & Network Originators

      National Broadcasters & Network Originators

      Marina provides a robust platform with flexible redundancy options to support the most demanding operational requirements of national broadcasters, and the system's high reliability safeguards the output of premium channels.

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    2. Service Providers & MSOs

      Service Providers & MSOs

      Capable of controlling hundreds of channels of different types, from simple clip-based channels to dynamic reactive channels with a high proportion of live content, our solutions deliver configurable and scalable architectures which enable service providers to exploit legacy technologies along with evolving IT-based and cloud based solutions.

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    3. Specialist & Regional TV Stations

      Specialist & Regional TV Stations

      Pebble Beach Systems specialises in architecting highly configurable solutions to suit systems and workflows of all sizes and complexity, for commercial and non-commercial TV stations. Even a single channel self-contained channel in a box system can handle live and clip-based schedules with dynamic content and complex graphics requirements. Here we introduce some of the diverse and challenging deployments of our systems around the globe, including community-based TV stations and regional broadcasters.

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    4. Sports Broadcasters

      Sports Broadcasters

      With the ability to cater for channels with high proportions of live, unpredictable content, and tools for automatically populating graphics templates close to air to cater for late-breaking changes, Pebble Beach Systems solutions provide the agility and reliability that sports broadcasters demand.

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