Canal Sur, Spain

6 main and 6 opt channels

Canal Sur was the first location in which our Marina system went live, as part of the wide-reaching modernisation of the Seville-based broadcaster’s playout facility in the summer of 2011. Designed to incorporate the flexibility to adapt to their future requirements, Marina also maintains compatibility with those components of the proposed workflow which were not being replaced, such as the Tedial media asset management system.

The system was supplied with a Spanish language user interface, and incorporates a range of user-friendly features such as keyframe previews, multiple ‘themes’ and instant access to multiple layouts to cater for the varying preferences of individual operators, like those at Canal Sur.

Controlling both Ingest and Playout operations, the Marina system has a total of 6 clients, 4 of which are assigned to Playout and Ingest operations, with 2 allocated for marking up and trimming segments. It will ultimately control a total of 15 channels: 4 main channels featuring A/B playout, full mixer and graphics: together with 3 simpler channels, a spare channel and 7 regional channels.

In addition to Tedial asset management, Marina also interfaces to Provys traffic, Grass Valley K2 servers and routers, Miranda DVE and mixing, Starfish subtitling and Orad graphics. The cost-effective Ingest solution employs mxfSPEEDRAIL S1000 and F1000 ingest solutions from MOG Technologies, together with their mxfSPEEDRAIL S1111 recorders, rather than employing traditional video servers.