7 channels

KCET is an independent non-commercial public television station licensed to Los Angeles, California, operating in the second largest DMA (Designated Market Area, as defined by Nielsen Media Research) in the United States. When it moved the entire ingest, playout and post-production operation across to a new greenfield site in Burbank, a detailed evaluation of potential automation solutions was undertaken, with Marina proving extremely popular with the KCET’s operational staff.

Marina controls 6 channels at KCET, including KCET HD, KCETLink, Link TV and BBC, providing fully redundant database and control. It interfaces to the ProTrack traffic system from Myers Information Systems using BXF over web services, and the two-way interface allows accurate clip duration and segmentation information to be automatically exchanged between traffic and the playout automation, saving duplicated effort and avoiding the need for an operator to amend schedules each time the details of an item are changed. Marina also interfaces to the latest generation of XOR Media servers, as well as to Imagine Communications router/master control, and to graphics devices from Orad and Imagine Conmmunications. The system includes a layer of content management between the XOR Media main and backup storage systems.