Omroep Zeeland, Netherlands 

6 main and 6 opt channels

Omroep Zeeland is a Dutch regional broadcaster based in Eastern Souburg and provides local news as well as general entertainment programming. They had invested in a Pebble Beach Systems Neptune automation system in 2005 which had served them well, and when budget became available for a technology refresh they chose to upgrade to a new generation Marina system.

The Marina system controls a Harmonic video server for playout, preview and secondary record. The main router is from Grass Valley and channel branding devices are controlled using GPI contacts.

Omroep Zeeland uses 2 transmission lists: the first controls the back-to-back playout of clips, using just one player port. The second list is used during the live studio news hour, with 2 player ports employed to alternate between clips during this broadcast. Just one preparation list is used to build both transmission playlists. Clip playout during the live news hour is via GPI control.