YLE, Finland

9 channels

Finland’s national public service broadcasting company, YLE, adopted the Marina automation platform when they upgraded their Helsinki playout facility. Key drivers in the decision were the requirement to move to API device control of their Harmonic Spectrum servers for shorter clip playback and the ability to employ dynamic audio track management in the future. YLE’s Development Manager Erkki Niemenmaa also singles out a specific function in Marina:

One of our TV channels features live events which can run either under or over their scheduled duration,  and Marina has the ability to automatically keep later programmes starting on time. Plus, the technology platform which Marina is based on enables Pebble Beach Systems to keep developing new features which anticipate our changing requirements.

In addition, Marina’s highly informative and friendly user interface, and its comprehensive validation tools for primary and secondary media were instrumental in the decision to upgrade from their legacy Neptune automation system.

The transition from Neptune to Marina needed to be achieved initially without any changes to supporting systems and workflow, and as Marina was able to directly import Neptune playlists and export Neptune AsRun logs there was no need for any modifications to YLE’s traffic system in order for Marina to be supported during this phase. Media files are either restored to the playout system from Front Porch Diva or, in the case of late ingested media, transferred from the ingest Mediadeck.

To simplify operations at YLE, Marina has the ability to scan through the playlist and automatically apply a secondary record to any live events. The recorded media then goes through YLE’s ingest workflow before being archived. Graphics are provided by Viz, Subtitles by Cavena and video routing by Evertz.