Terms & Conditions


Thank you for your interest in downloading Pebble Control Free (“PCF”). Before you do, you must read our terms and conditions carefully and you will be required to indicate that you have read them and that you agreed to comply with them, before you can download the application. PCF is licensed by Pebble Beach Systems Ltd (company number 3944834, with its registered address at 12 Horizon Business Village, 1 Brooklands Road, Weybridge, Surrey KT13 0TJ), referred to in these terms and conditions as “Pebble” or “We/Our”.

Before you can download PCF, you will also be required to register a User Account on this website and the person whose name is registered is referred to as “You/Yours” in this licence agreement. As part of the account registration, You must submit a valid e-mail address.

PCF is a free software application for use in your broadcast IP environment. PCF is a self-contained, IP-native, connection management solution which enables a limited number of IP connections. You can make 15 concurrent connections in total, (“PCF Use”).

General Terms

  • PCF is available to download, for free, within this self-service portal. No fees are payable to Pebble for the download or use of PCF.
  • You are encouraged to utilise the resources made available within the portal (such as How-To videos, the User Forum and the FAQs) to make the best use of PCF for your own IP environment.
  • You must check and confirm that You are permitted to use PCF within the IP environment that You wish to use it.
  • Pebble may amend the terms of this licence at any time and You will be notified by e-mail of any changes.

PCF Licence

In consideration of (and conditional upon) Your compliance with the terms of this PCF Licence Agreement, Pebble hereby grants you a world-wide, permanent, royalty-free, personal licence to use PCF for the PCF Use only. This licence expressly excludes

  • any right to make PCF available to a third party (whether for free or in return for any consideration);
  • the right to sub-licence PCF to a third party;
  • the right to make a competing product by using PCF; and
  • the right to make additional copies;
  • the right to de-compile,

other than to the extent required by applicable law.

If You breach the terms of this licence or if you commit a material breach of this Licence Agreement, Pebble shall have the right to suspend or terminate Your use of PCF.

What is included with PCF?

Pebble does not offer ANY support services with PCF. You can upgrade to a different version of “Pebble Control” if you wish to receive support services. Please contact Pebble at if you would like to upgrade.

User Forum

The User Forum is a place where all users can engage with one another, subject to complying with the following terms:

  • You must communicate to other users with the utmost respect at all times.
  • Every thread or comment posted will be verified by Pebble before being uploaded.
  • Online abuse or inappropriate comments will not be accepted.
  • If Your threads or comments submitted are deemed by Pebble to be abusive or inappropriate Your online account will be terminated. Pebble’s decision is final.
  • You must not upload any material which:
    • is illegal
    • You do not own
    • You do not have permission to use
    • is offensive to others (including any material which could be deemed to be pornographic)
  • Pebble reserves the right to suspend or terminate Your user account at any time, without prior notice to you.

Risk & Liability

  • PCF is provided for download “as is” and Your use of PCF is at Your own risk.
  • Pebble does not provide a warranty of any kind, express or implied and all implied warranties or conditions are expressly excluded, including but not limited to the warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and noninfringement.
  • Pebble does not represent or warrant that PCF is error-free, virus-free or otherwise defect-free.
  • To the maximum extent permitted by law, Pebble excludes all liability (whether in contract or tort) for all losses, claims, damages, expenses or fees arising out of Your use of PCF. Where such exclusion is not permitted by law, Pebble’s aggregate liability to You shall be limited to £1.00 (One British Pound).
  • You agree to accept all responsibility for the risks involved in:
    1. downloading PCF onto any device or product within your IP environment, whether or not You know of or foresee the specific risk, conditions or hazards that results in any potential technical issues that may occur;
    2. making PCF available to any third party;
    3. using PCF commercially; and/or
    4. using PCF in conjunction with any of Your devices or products.
  • By downloading this software, you agree that Pebble is not liable for any technical issues experienced with Pebble Control Free.

Personal Data and Data Protection

  • For any personal data that You submit to Pebble as part of registering Your account, Pebble is the data controller.
  • By downloading PCF, You agree that Pebble may use your e-mail to communicate with You, including for the purpose of direct marketing. If you don’t wish to continue receiving product updates or other marketing materials, You can choose to “unsubscribe” at any time, but Pebble will continue to use Your e-mail to communicate with you in relation to this licence and Your use of PCF.
  • Pebble will not use Your personal data for any other purpose.


If you have any questions about this licence, please contact Pebble at

Any notice from Pebble will be sent to the email address You used to register Your account.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

This licence is subject to English law and all disputes (whether contractual or otherwise) shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.