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Home Page Forums Forum Topics Is it the case that the EBU – European Broadcasting Union has identified that there is a lack of viable solutions in this technology layer?

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    Yes, they identified the problems and illustrated it in the form of the technology pyramid. The pyramid identifies five layers of IP broadcast technology and they marked those layers in green, orange and red, based on the availability of the solutions in those layers. The top two layers, and you can see those are the ones that are mostly green, are addressed by our integrated playout solution and the hardware and software (SDK) powering it. Pebble control addresses layers III and IV – configuration and monitoring and operational control. 

    What is the red layer at the bottom? 

    It is the security that is paramount in IP networks. The reason it is red is because there is not enough compliance to those requirements, but also some standards like the NMOS security work, are still being finalised. Pebble Control adopts the latest security best practices for the application itself and it also utilises the available NMOS security standards like BCP 003-01 when talking to devices supporting those. Unfortunately, you need all the devices to support those to see the real benefits, so that layer might stay red for a while but it will most certainly turn yellow and then green in the future – it simply has to…

    What security developments can we expect to being addressed by Pebble Control in the future?

    We are actively participating in NMOS security activities like BCP-003 and we will be adopting those as they become published and we get enough devices to test against. There and two new specifications being prepared there and they are the best current practices (BCPs) for Authorization and certificate provisioning.


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