Our Products

Intelligent ingest,
content management and playout solutions

Whether your business is a small scale local operation or a complex multi-channel installation, excellent reliability and high availability of content are critical to your success. The Pebble Beach Systems suite of products is designed to suit the needs of all broadcasters and service providers, no matter how many channels you manage.

Marina is the most powerful solution in the Pebble Beach Systems automation range. As an enterprise level system, it is designed to efficiently manage large-scale operations with multiple channel types, and can control legacy products and platforms as well as emerging solutions such as integrated channel technologies within video, IT and hybrid infrastructures. The new Marina Lite draws on the strengths of Marina to deliver best-of-breed functionality for installations of up to 4 channels and clients.

Pebble Beach Systems now offers two channel in a box solutions. Dolphin is an integrated channel device which delivers highly automated, frame-accurate multi-channel playout and ingest capability, and can operate as a standalone system under Marina or Neptune control, or as part of a complex mixed network of equipment and functionality.

Stingray is a true self-contained channel in a box which leverages Pebble Beach Systems’ best-of-breed technology to deliver a full HD ingest and playout solution for systems up to 6 channels, from simple clip-based channels to complex dynamic channels.

Every customer benefits from the same Pebble Beach Systems philosophy: to deliver innovative, comprehensive and highly reliable, mission-critical software built around a simple and intuitive user interface.