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Company Overview

Pebble is a world leader in designing and delivering automation, integrated channel and virtualised playout solutions, with scalable products designed for applications of all sizes.

Founded in 2000, Pebble has commissioned systems in more than 70 countries, with proven installations ranging from single up to over 150 channels in operation, and more than 1500 channels currently on air under the control of our automation technology. An innovative, agile company, Pebble is focused on discovering its customers’ requirements and pain points, designing solutions which will address these elegantly and efficiently, and delivering and supporting these professionally and in accordance with its users’ needs.

Expert Focus

In the highly specialised field of broadcast automation and playout, Pebble delivers a level of focus which many of the larger manufacturers in this field simply cannot match, and thanks to our strong reputation for exceptional customer service and delivering on our promises, we now have many hundreds of channels on air in scores of countries worldwide. The company is focused on providing automation and content management systems which enable customers to continue to exploit best of breed and legacy technologies, offering solutions for complex and simple channels through the same user interface. By working equally with all technology partners, and offering impartial advice to the end user, we enable customers to select most appropriate technology for each system, channel by channel.

Our unique abilities lie in the:

  • knowledge and capabilities of our people
  • ability of our development engineers’ to create the right tools
  • experience of our customer fulfilment team who work in many different facilities and environments
  • skill of our solutions architects’ to understand and translate our customers’ needs
  • and our internal support functions which provide the infrastructure necessary for a smooth delivery process

Discovering, Designing, Delivering : The Pebble Approach

When you engage with us, we’ll work with you to discover and understand your goals and challenges. Our sales consultants and solutions architects will explore your pain points and custom requirements; look at your workflows and processes; discuss how you want your operations to evolve in the future and share our experience of implementing solutions which meet similar requirements.

The team will then use these insights to design a comprehensive solution which takes into account your preferred ways of working, your channel and automation needs, where you want host your technology, and how you see your system evolving in the coming years. We will then present a commercial offer that fits your budgets and timescales and agree what the next steps will be.

If you choose to work with us, we will mobilise our team of experts to first scope out and plan your project in close consultation with you. Our processes are closely aligned with PRINCE2 methodology, and once the project is kicked off, our experienced, expert solutions architects and customer fulfilment engineers will give you regular progress reports in the lead up to delivery. We will work closely with your teams to ensure that the new Pebble system interfaces into your operations ready for acceptance and go-live. Your system will then be commissioned, and training given either on site or remotely. Once you’re on air, you’ll have ongoing access to our dedicated support engineers, and regular consultations on how to optimise and evolve your system.


Interoperability and collaboration is in our DNA. We take an agnostic approach and with a long history of interfacing to our end users’ preferred devices, we can specify the exact playout infrastructure to meet customers’ specific channel and business requirements. We have built excellent relationships and expertise with multiple providers to ensure an agnostic approach is maintained in the delivery of our solutions.


The company is managed by a highly experienced team from the broadcast industry, led by CEO Peter Mayhead. Peter is the Chief Executive Officer of Pebble Beach Systems PLC and a member of the company’s Board of Directors. He joined Pebble in 2013 bringing more than 20 years of broadcast industry, financial leadership and executive management experience to his role with the company. A firm believer in the need for technology providers to develop a mind-set of employee empowerment, organisational alignment, and personal development, Peter has an approach of building on the strengths of each individual to enhance the overall competitiveness, flexibility, and capability of the organisation.


Having launched the Neptune automation system in 2000, Pebble has continued to develop and expand the portfolio to provide automation for all levels: not just in terms of size but also complexity. From self-contained playout in a box solutions and the widely installed Integrated Channel devices, to the multichannel capabilities of our enterprise Automation solution are dedicated to the simplification of channel management and to maximising efficiency and reliability throughout the broadcast workflow. Core to the automation range is the ability to control and interface to a wide variety of third party technologies, depending on the requirements of each individual installation. The company is able to be genuinely agnostic with respect to third party devices, supporting the largest possible range of products, and offering the optimum solution for broadcasters of all sizes and needs.


In addition to AWS certifications and PRINCE2 project management accreditations, Pebble’s technology team is actively involved in standards development within the IP arena.

The company participates in the NMOS* steering committee, and chaired the NMOS IS-07 initiative which, put simply, replaces the need for wired GPI connections in an IP environment. Pebble’s CTO is also currently chairing the NMOS Modelling activity which aims to ensure immediate interoperability of installed IP devices – bringing obvious benefits to systems integrators and end users in an IP environment.

Pebble’s purpose is to smooth the path for its customers as they transition from traditional broadcast infrastructures to more flexible IP-based technologies. The talent and expertise of our employees worldwide, means we are better placed than most to put all of our efforts and R&D resources into the development of new solutions. This will successfully see our customers through this period of transition, and help them embrace the new technology and workflow opportunities ahead.

We are also members of IABM, DPP, SMPTE, AMWA, ABU and NAB.

*NMOS: AMWA Network Media Open Specifications. These specify protocols for unit discovery, registration and connection management. AMWA is Advanced Media Workflow Association, which focuses on the industry move to IP-based architectures. We work closely with AMWA where we are significantly contributing towards a number of activities with them. By working with AMWA in this way we are showing our commitment to championing open standards and interoperability.


Pebble is proud to have been awarded the Cyber Essentials Certificate of Assurance from The IASME Consortium  in 2021. Cyber Essentials is a UK Government backed scheme which focuses on five important technical controls which are designed to guard against the most common internet based cyber security threats. This award is an endorsement of our ongoing commitment to our own and our customers’ security as we continue to brilliantly deliver automation, playout and management solutions to the broadcast community.


Pebble is committed to working to continually improve our environmental performance, reducing the environmental impact of our activities wherever possible. We are proud to hold the Committed to Sustainability mark as awarded by the DPP,  and you can read our Environmental Policy here.

Accountability and Transparency

As a publicly listed company, Pebble is completely transparent as regards the company’s operations and performance. You can find out more at

Pebble and Hybrid Cloud Playout

Increasingly, broadcasters are exploring ways of incorporating cloud playout within a wider channel portfolio. As members of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network, Pebble implements AWS best practices to deliver the best possible customer experience. Our successful completion of the AWS Foundational Technical Review gives customers the confidence that we can identify and mitigate any risks in their cloud deployment.

We know that the overwhelming majority of our customers have significant installations of equipment hosted in their facilities on the ground. So rather than going all-in on the cloud, a hybrid approach allows cloud technologies to be deployed at a pace that suits our customers and effectively operates as a stepping stone in their journey.


JT-NM Tested

Our solutions have been tested by the Joint Task Force on Networked Media (JT-NM) as a part of the NMOS ecosystem. Passing the rigorous tests demonstrates Pebble’s commitment to the adoption of open standards and gives customers further benefits as part of industry-leading standards in governance, interoperability, and security. You can find out more here.