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PRIMA Control

Optimizes IP connectivity, providing a vital control system for seamless device management and signal routing in broadcast environments.

Every broadcast engineer and content producer needs to connect equipment. Signals need to be routed and switched around your setting, whether that is a production facility, a playout centre, a regional broadcast station, or an OB truck.

With the adaptation and integration of IP devices into broadcast workflows, device management and configuration becomes a whole lot more complex. Familiar tasks of monitoring, controlling, and successfully connecting IO resources, now require further in-depth understanding of the newer emerging IP technologies and supporting standards.

Choosing a control system is probably the most important decision you can make when you’re designing an IP facility or test installation.

It dictates what devices you can work with, and the type of workflows that will sit on top of that control system. So, it’s vital that you can trust your vendor to deliver the performance, security, and reliability you need with such a key component of your infrastructure. We are experts in playout automation with our beginnings controlling VTRs, cart machines and routers to our current suite of products which control networked devices. And our highly skilled and dedicated R&D team have now moved into broadcast control development within the industry. As result we have added Pebble Control, our new IP-native control and connection management solution, to our offering.

Pebble Control is a self-contained, scalable, IP-native, control and connection management solution which is easy to configure, deploy and operate using web-based UIs. Designed to deliver immediate benefits to even the smallest IP facility, it interfaces with multiple vendor IP and SDI devices on the network via NMOS API’s and popular industry control and routing protocols and is easily reconfigurable for when interconnections change or when devices are added or removed. Essentially, it delivers a plug-and-play experience for both IP and SDI networks.

Excellent, secure device management is a key building block for your IP environment, and Pebble Control can get you there without the consultation and expense that a bespoke enterprise solution entails.


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Key Features:

  • Designed to operate with IP deployments of all scales, from small test ‘IP islands’ to enterprise systems
  • Connecting IP devices is as simple as SDI, thanks to Pebble Control’s container logic
  • Ensures compatibility and interoperability with other IP equipment and systems by leveraging the NMOS suite of open standards
  • Offers a unified and future-proof device control framework with support for the latest AMWA NMOS IS-12 control API, as well as popular industry control protocols that seamlessly integrate with both IP-enabled and SDI equipment e.g. TSL UMD V5.0, Ember+, SW-P-08 router protocol and SNMP v1,v2c.
  • Guaranteed to keep pace with IP technology, thanks to Pebble’s commitment to comply with the latest standards as they are released.
  • Simplifies the discovery, location, and organisation of your devices to save you time and fit your workflows
  • Inbuilt compatibility checking prevents you from making invalid connections
  • The ability to set Favourites means you can quickly and reliably manage the connections of your most frequently switched devices
  • Groups IGMP and SDN resources under a unified interface
  • Offers direct integration with Nevion’s VideoIPath orchestration and SDN control
  • Alerts and alarms give you actionable information when you need it
  • User rights management enables you to specify authentication requirements and shape authorisation profiles to suit each use case
  • Ensuring the highest levels of security thanks to an advanced user permissions scheme on top of the HTTPS protocol secured by TLS 1.2 encryption
  • Self-help system that minimises user training and familiarisation with the application
  • Flexible choices for hardware or software panels mean you can choose and configure the most appropriate control interface for your needs
  • Flexible redundancy and hosting options suit your deployment needs
  • Deploy on Windows or Linux, and virtual or physical machines, to suit your infrastructure
  • JT-NM Tested. You can find out more here.

Pebble Control Free

Want to take your first step into IP at no cost? Try our freemium version, Pebble Control Free. A self-contained, scalable, IP-native, connection management solution for the broadcast community.