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PRIMA Playout

Designed to streamline the process of channel deployment and management for broadcasters

Playout transforms channel deployment and management for broadcasters, making complex setups straightforward and manageable. Its intuitive and responsive interface enables quick and efficient channel launch, emphasizing ease of use and dependable performance.

Playout goes beyond traditional channel deployment tools by offering a comprehensive broadcasting solution for the cloud era. It provides broadcasters with a complete suite of features to enhance broadcast quality and reliability.

With capabilities such as responsive playlist management, dynamic graphics, subtitling and audio control, Playout enables broadcasters to focus on what truly matters: delivering engaging content to their audience.

Streamline Your Broadcast Operations

PRIMA Playout utilises Pebble’s market leading UX conventions, making operations simple and intuitive. Additionally operational staff migrating from Pebble Automation will find Playout familiar and will need minimal training.

Ensure Uninterrupted Broadcasting

With robust 1+1 redundancy and playback capabilities from both network SMB share and S3 Storage, Playout ensures high reliability and continuous operation, allowing your content to remain engaging and your broadcasts to run smoothly, regardless of circumstances.

Enable Flexible Deployment

PRIMA Playout provides flexible hosting options, supporting both private and public cloud infrastructure, and hybrid approaches. Templated deployment allows new channels to be created error free in seconds.

Key Features:

  • Channel Deployment: User-friendly wizard for quick and efficient channel setup.
  • 1+1 Redundancy: Guarantees uninterrupted broadcasts with playback options from Network SMB share or S3 Storage.
  • Playlist Synchronization: Allows for effortless synchronization of playlists from Automation in PRIMA.
  • Graphic Capabilities: Supports PNG statics and sequences with Intro/Loop/Outro, HTML5 rendering for live third-party solutions, and HTML5 native graphics using Adobe Animate Templates with Dynamic Text.
  • Low Latency Confidence Monitoring: Monitor active and inactive channel instances with the WebRTC Viewer.
  • Playlist Stats/Counters: Provides easy access to essential playlist information.
  • Subtitle Playback: Features subtitle playback for primary events with captions sourced from SRT file format.
  • Audio Shuffle Control: Customizes audio track layouts, allowing rearrangement, duplication, and muting of tracks per event.
  • Realtime Loudness: Automatically adjusts audio outputs to comply with relevant standards by monitoring and correcting audio levels.