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Web based monitoring, management and control for your automation environment

Now more than ever it is important for broadcasters and service providers to have secure, remote access to their playout environment, and when your system comprises multiple channels and even several playout sites, it becomes critical.

Having an overview of any upcoming issues across the entire system is essential so you can react quickly without needing multiple operators to take action.

Our web-based monitoring and control tool enables you to securely monitor, manage and control your channels from inside or outside the normal transmission environment, and its web-based dashboards are configurable to offer the specific functionality you need.

MONITOR all your channels from anywhere:

  • identify playlist and system errors by exception across single or multiple Pebble Automation systems,
  • monitor low latency outputs from your Pebble Integrated Channel devices.

MANAGE your content across multiple sites and systems:

  • stream video from storage, review clips and segment metadata.
  • dynamically allocate your ingest ports and automatically resolve ingest scheduling conflicts.

CONTROL your channel playout operations:

  • real-time playlist manipulation, control and media-aware multi-channel monitoring.
  • configure dedicated buttons and alerts for key functionality to meet your needs.

Key Features:

  • Accessibility
    Secure, real-time access anytime anywhere
    Mission-critical control of the playlist, including viewing and editing, beyond the normal boundaries of the playout facility
  • Productivity
    Drives operational efficiencies
    Consolidates control across multiple locations
    Focusses fast on what’s important thanks to monitoring by exception
  • Simplicity
    Easy to use, easy to manage, intuitive interfaces for operators
    Web security and user permissions for peace of mind
  • Security
    Secure, remote access outside the automation LAN
    Full HTTPS support with TLS encryption
    Protection against brute-force password and username attacks
    Secure password hashing.