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Enterprise level automation for powerful multi-channel delivery

Broadcasters and service providers worldwide entrust the automation of their playout operations to Pebble, and with good reason.

Our rigorous approach to understanding your workflows, our skill in designing bespoke systems, our drive for continuous improvement, and our focus on brilliantly delivering exceptional solutions make the decision to choose Pebble Automation a simple one.

Our enterprise Automation software platform delivers robust, best-in-class functionality at a scale that suits your operations and can flex and adapt as your needs change. A powerful centralised ingest, content management and multi-channel solution, it controls mission-critical operations at scores of broadcasters and service providers around the world and is scalable from one to hundreds of channels.

Working with you, we will design a solution to cater for your unique workflows. The Automation platform’s distributed architecture enables you to utilise resources over multiple servers, and its extensive range of device drivers gives you the freedom to deploy the technology that best fits the needs of each of your channels, whether that’s the legacy SDI devices which form an integral part of your channel playout, or the newest IP technologies as you add them to your facility.


Simplifying your Operations

The system is designed to deliver flawless control of a wide variety of channel types in any combination, whether live and unpredictable content, regional opt-outs, simulcast, or simple clip-based channels.

Continuous media validation, context-based playout rules, high resolution media viewing, and the concise ‘Summary Cell’ status view, all combine to safeguard your playout and make your operator’s job as simple as possible. Each operator can control a high density of channels, and UIs can be configured for each use case to help streamline your operations and minimise errors.

Enabling Architectural Flexibility

Automation systems are architected using modular services blocks, so that your system can be optimised to suit your current resources and future business plans.

Your solution can be configured to provide constant synchronisation with disaster recovery applications and remote devices to protect the integrity and security of your operation, and future scalability is guaranteed with the ability to add an almost unlimited number of channels, operator positions and devices, all while the system remains on air.

Delivering Exceptional System Resilience, Availability and Serviceability

Playout automation requires 99.999% availability. Our dedicated in-house development team deploys the newest development tools to continuously enhance the solution’s capability, and the use of standard platforms enables us to deliver robust, advanced functionality without reliance on bespoke hardware.

Our Automation is designed to give you optimal performance whether you are working with third party best of breed audio and video devices, the newest generation of integrated channel solutions, or a hybrid of both. Full native API device control enables close integration with content management systems for file-based workflows and direct nearline and data tape library archive control. The solution is also fully Unicode compliant, enabling the entire user interface to be localised in any language.

Key Features:

  • Bespoke Design a solution crafted exclusively for your workflows, devices and channel requirements
  • Scalable Architecture from a single channel to hundreds of services across multiple locations
  • Agile Technology controlling legacy products and emerging solutions within video, IT and hybrid infrastructures
  • Comprehensive Integration closely integrating into workflows incorporating digital asset management, traffic, news and scheduling
  • User Rights Management enabling monitoring of logins and activities, and managing access across the system
  • Unicode Compliance operates in multiple languages including Spanish, Japanese and Arabic, and toggles instantly between languages
  • File-based Ingest plus support for legacy baseband ingest devices
  • Ad Insertion tools to cater for regional opt-outs, with support for SCTE 104 and SCTE 30
  • Full Audio Track and Multilingual Management dynamic audio track control for multilingual audio
  • Highly available playlists with multiple redundancy options at channel, database, and decoder & encoder levels
  • Media Aware database-driven media management offers automatic caching and conditional file movement
  • Integration with web-based management and monitoring
  • Legacy Pebble Automation Compatibility database compatibility and simple migration path from Neptune automation
  • Migration Pack simplifying the transition from legacy and end of life automation solutions
  • Control of multiple integrated channel device types including Pebble’s own SDI, IP and virtualised solutions
  • Secure API to enable direct third party integrations

Automation Lite

World class automation at an entry level price

Pebble’s robust and resilient Automation Lite solutions are optimised to control systems of up to 6 channels, drawing on the strengths of our enterprise level Automation platform to give you best of breed functionality at an entry level price.

Playout in a Box

Self-contained playout in a box for all channel types

Pebble’s powerful and compact playout in a box solution leverages our best-of-breed automation and integrated channel technology to deliver a full HD ingest and playout solution, with comprehensive redundancy options for systems up to 4 channels.