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Oceans is Pebble’s next generation, cloud-first, self-healing, service-oriented broadcast technology platform, with security baked in.

It provides flexible, scalable architecture for multiple functional services to run on, underlining Pebble’s commitment to support broadcasters as the media landscape evolves and cloud and IP technologies are more widely adopted.

Oceans offers you dynamic and seamless scalability with high availability for your workflow needs, and is deployable both in on-premises infrastructures, as well as in the public cloud.

With the ability to deploy, manage, host and upgrade a range of broadcast services from a single intuitive unified interface, Oceans supports the functionality, flexibility and resilience you need, now and in your IP future.

Optimal Performance

The platform ensures that there is an efficient use of computing resources through “virtual containerisation” technology. As needs grow, Oceans can quickly scale new containers to handle additional workloads.

In times of peak demand, you may need additional computing power. To manage this Oceans provides an easy intuitive interface for provisioning of additional servers (on-premises or cloud). These are used to automatically handle demanding workloads and provide all important redundancy options, giving you the confidence that services will not be interrupted.

Operational Security

Oceans has security at its heart. Data is transmitted and stored securely, and access can be configured to ensure that individual users, or groups of users, only have access to resources which they are permitted to interact with. Any changes in access are applied immediately whether on-premises or in the public cloud.

Key features
  • Infrastructure agnostic
    • Choose the deployment that is suitable for your organisation or task
    • Deploy on on-premises servers, in public cloud or in hybrid deployments
    • Migrate between deployment styles with no downtime
  • Connect multiple sites together as one
    • Enable remote parts of your organisation to work together as one
    • Provide content and services without geographic boundaries
    • Manage all sites from one location via a simple web interface
  • System Size Fit to Purpose
    • Scale your system on demand as your needs grow
    • Add or remove on-premises or public cloud computing power with no downtime
  • Safety in Redundancy
    • Automatically synchronise secondary sites for disaster recovery and have them ready to take over
    • Protect individual sites with multiple servers
  • No loss of time when upgrading
    • Apply software updates without downtime for your users
    • Add new hardware and remove old hardware without impacting your platform
  • System Security
    • Control all resources to grant or deny permissions
    • Apply real-time permissions to all sites
    • Simplify management by granting permissions at individual, group or system wide levels

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