Self-contained channel in a box
for all channel types

Stingray is a powerful and compact channel in a box solution which leverages Pebble Beach Systems’ best-of-breed technology to deliver a full HD ingest and playout solution, with comprehensive redundancy options for systems up to 6 channels.

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Based on proven 64-bit architecture, Stingray incorporates the unmatched flexibility of Pebble Beach Systems’ Marina enterprise automation, and the power and robustness of our Dolphin integrated channel device. 

In addition to hosting your simple clip-based channels, Stingray is also capable of handling more complex, reactive channels which regularly feature late-breaking changes. Its exceptionally intuitive user interface, coupled with powerful graphics and DVE functionality, combine to deliver a ‘best of breed’ solution at an affordable price.

Comprehensive Ingest and Playout Solution

Stingray’s rich feature set incorporates encode and decode, up and down conversion, graphics, DVE, ARC, subtitling, voice-over and optional Dolby® encode and decode. For ingest, file format and compression ratios can be selected on a per job basis, and clips can be trimmed and segmented even while the ingest is in progress. Operators are able to view playout and ingest processes using an IP monitoring window directly within the Stingray UI.

Intelligent Playlist Manipulation

Stingray brings enterprise level playlist intelligence to the channel in a box environment. A single operator can control up to 6 channels if required, and Stingray enables edits even in the ‘on air’ list, provided that  the operator has the appropriate user privileges. Lists can incorporate multiple event types and classifications, and all events are continuously validated to ensure that everything required for playout is available. Multiple formats can be included within the same playlist, with a wide range of formats supported up to a maximum video stream of 50Mbps.

Powerful Graphics and Effects

5 independent graphics layers deliver channel branding and ‘Now Next Later’ promos and captions.

Key Features

  • Compact and Cost-Effective
    Stingray delivers best of breed functionality at a realistic price, making it ideal for single site operations where the integrity and quality of your output is key
  • Reliable and Proven
    deploying the technology which underpins the highly-featured Marina automation and robust Dolphin integrated channel platforms, Stingray delivers high performance channel in a box capability with an exceptionally comprehensive control layer
  • Versatile and Responsive
    Stingray is ideal for the fast deployment of a wide range of channel types, including more complex dynamic channels which incorporate extensive live content and frequent schedule changes
  • Scalable and Efficient
    with a straightforward upgrade path from 1 to 6 channels, Stingray can grow as your channel counts increase, and multiple channels can be controlled from a single operator position
  • Resilient
    Pebble Beach Systems has a strong reputation for delivering robust solutions. Stingray offers enhanced redundant configurations hosted on a separate frame to safeguard the delivery of your channels.

Complex Channel Delivery

Stingray channels offer live or VTR input, and also support FXP or FTP transfer with automatic caching of primary and secondary media from nearline storage. With the ability to handle events incorporating a live feed, secondary media, dual DVEs and multiple graphics layers, Stingray can deliver even your most complex channels to air.

Each Stingray is delivered as a pre-built and pre-tested unit for quick on-site integration and one-stop support access. With fewer points of failure, simpler maintenance, and lower energy costs, Stingray adds true channel in a box functionality to the Pebble Beach Systems family of automation and integrated channel solutions.

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    Self-contained channel in a box
    for all channel types