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Platform for Realtime Integrated Media Applications

State-of-the-art software platform that supports a range of applications addressing the needs of modern media and broadcast organisations.

PRIMA offers a unified suite of services designed for flexible deployment, robust security, economic scalability, and centralized management. Developed from the ground up, PRIMA addresses our customers' constantly evolving requirements.

Pebble’s initial product lineup for PRIMA includes:


Designed to streamline channel deployment and management processes for broadcasters, enhancing efficiency and reliability.


Facilitates seamless integration between networked and cloud storage, enabling the easy creation and deployment of custom data workflows. Features an intuitive builder for simplified workflow design.


Optimizes IP connectivity to offer a crucial control system for seamless device management and signal routing in broadcast environments, ensuring high-quality broadcast delivery.

The PRIMA platform stands out for its emphasis on security, unified control, scalability, flexibility, redundancy, and disaster recovery in broadcasting operations. It’s built from the ground up to ensure compliance with security recommendations such as EBU R143, ensuring top-tier security through granular permissions management, support for time limited session and latest security standards. With its intuitive interface, PRIMA simplifies playout infrastructure management, offering unparalleled visibility and control to enhance operational efficiency. The platform’s architecture supports easy scaling across on-premises, cloud, or hybrid deployments, ensuring seamless operation during growth or unforeseen challenges.



Security at Its Core

Constructed with a focus on security throughout its entire lifecycle, from development to deployment. During the development phase, static code analysis for security is employed to address the OWASP Top 10 security vulnerabilities, ensuring the code is developed securely. The platform includes features such as detailed permissions management, sessions with a limited duration, support for Single Sign-On, Mutual TLS, and adherence to industry recommendations like EBU R143, safeguarding your broadcasting operations comprehensively.

Unified Control

Manage your playout infrastructure via a unified, user-friendly interface. It facilitates dynamic scheduling of workloads and provides tools for workload management as needed. This unified approach allows for complete oversight aand management of broadcasting workflows, thereby improving operational efficiency.

Scalability and Flexibility

Scale your operations seamlessly to accommodate demand, whether on-premises, in the cloud, or through a hybrid approach. The platform’s flexible architecture ensures uninterrupted operation as your business expands.

Redundancy and Disaster Recovery

Designed for operational resilience, with automatic synchronization features for failover and redundancy, ensuring that your services remain secure and operational, even in the face of unforeseen challenges.

Key Features:

System Alerting
A centralized monitoring service records system states and alerts users to predefined errors within the platform, improving operational awareness and response effectiveness.

Managed Deployment
Reduced complexity through dynamic management of nodes and workloads, allowing users to precisely dictate where services are executed for enhanced performance.

Granular Permissions
Detailed user permissions provide comprehensive control over access within your environment, ensuring secure and tailored access management.

Deploy Anywhere
Compatible with any Kubernetes environment, including cloud-managed Kubernetes services or self-managed environments. In such settings, the platform simplifies the complexity of node management.

Open & secure API’s
Leveraged OpenAPI – compatible REST APIs, secured with OAuth2.0 authentication, to build custom integrations. These APIs are supported by a detailed permission model that restricts access to external systems as necessary. A comprehensive versioning system maintains backward compatibility, ensuring that the impact of breaking changes is minimized.