Software-defined integrated channel in a flexible automation environment

Dolphin is a compact and cost-effective integrated channel device which operates under
Pebble Beach Systems’ automation control, and incorporates the flexibility to adapt to your changing broadcast environment.

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Dolphin delivers highly automated integrated audio, video and graphics functionality for ingest, channel branding and frame-accurate multi-channel playout. Its flexible pipeline design gives you the ability to customise the virtual output chain for each channel, specifying the order in which functions including graphics, effects, and aspect ratio conversion are handled within the system.

Rich Functionality

With SD/HD video server, master control switcher, subtitling, captioning and channel branding functionality, Dolphin’s target installations include regional commercial insertion, fast to market or short-term channels, disaster recovery centres and content ingest. Supporting an extensive range of compression and file formats, it incorporates full up- and down-conversion on ingest and playout, and the ability to mix legacy SD content with new HD material on the same timeline, to deliver the flexibility your programming demands.

Seamless Integration

Dolphin integrates seamlessly as a standalone device into a multichannel system which might also incorporate best-of-breed video server, graphics or captioning devices for prime channels. It can also act as a component of a hybrid channel, blending Dolphin’s functionality with discrete technology such as graphics devices. This means that you can choose the optimum technology for the budgetary and technical needs of each channel. Crucially, your operators will be presented with the same user interface whatever the underlying channel technology across the entire system, and a single system-wide database avoids creating operational silos and simplifies channel control.

Exceptional Quality

In today’s highly commercial, multi-channel broadcast environment, audiences demand high quality HD transmission with error-free playout, and channel controllers expect good quality branding. Dolphin delivers exceptional SD and HD quality at an affordable price, safeguarding your on air production values, even for low revenue channels.

Key Features

  • Flexible Channel Design
    enabling you to customise the virtual output chain for each channel in the system
  • Cost-effective Solution
    offering a quick and straightforward pathway for the launch of new channels
  • Efficient Operations
    with the ability for a single operator to control multiple channels
  • Scalability and Flexibility
    Dolphin’s modular architecture enables the system to grow with you
  • Simulcast output capability
    providing the simultaneous output of a single media timeline in HD and SD formats, eliminating the need for downstream cross-conversion
  • Cost-effective solution
    offering an affordable route to HD encoding and playout
  • Multi format mixed timeline playout
    including text, logos, stills, RSS tickers, multi-lingual subtitles and 2D effects.
  • Multi-channel audio support
    with management of audio track tagging for language selection per event
  • Automatic caching
    of video and graphics content from nearline storage according to multiple playlist priorities, or direct attachment to near line storage.


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    Software-defined integrated channel in a flexible automation environment

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