Miroslav Jeras


Having been in the industry for 20 years, Miroslav joined Pebble Beach Systems in 2016
as the Senior Technical Architect for Dolphin and Orca.

IP Control

He subsequently took on the role of Head of Software Architecture, and his recent appointment to CTO gives him responsibility for setting the development roadmap and inputting into the strategic direction of Pebble as the company seeks to support broadcasters and media companies in their transition to IP-based technologies. Miroslav is an active participant in technology working groups focussed on the development of new standards, including AMWA, where he has most recently been closely involved in the development of the IS-07 standard.

He joined Pebble from Broadstream (formerly ON-AIR Systems / OASYS) where he held the position of SVP Research and Development and was responsible for the entire playout application. A dedicated, focussed and driven technologist, Miroslav is committed to nurturing the next generation of developers, and his passion for the industry, along with his enthusiasm for collaborating with other vendors, deliver huge benefits as the company works on the solutions of the future.