Pebble participates in JT-NM Tested Program, delivering documented insight into how vendor equipment conforms to specific SMPTE standards, AMWA NMOS specifications and selected real-world scenarios

JT-NM has published the JT-NM Tested Catalog, which lists vendor results and also contains test plans executed by the JT-NM Tested Team in Wuppertal, Germany in August of 2022 at Riedel Communications.

Epsom, Surrey, UK, 5 October 2022: Pebble, the leading automation, content management, and integrated channel specialist, announces that its solutions have been tested by the Joint Task Force on Networked Media (JT-NM) as a part of the NMOS ecosystem. Passing the rigorous tests demonstrates Pebble’s commitment to the adoption of open standards and gives customers further benefits as part of industry-leading standards in governance, interoperability, and security.

The JT-NM is a self-coordinating group of industry bodies working together to forward the development of IP technologies for professional media systems. JT-NM Tested is a stringent test of how vendor equipment conforms to key parts of SMPTE standards, AMWA NMOS specifications and selected real-world scenarios. It helps end users more confidently make purchase decisions from vendors whose products conform to relevant standards and specifications.

In turn, vendors get public recognition that their products meet the criteria established by the JT-NM, the appropriate badges and inclusion into catalogues of tested products and will be able to use the badges and make marketing statements to encourage the sales of their products.

As demonstrated at IBC2022 in the IP Showcase Theatre, Pebble solutions meet JT-NM Tested conditions for both SMPTE ST 2110 and NMOS/TR-1001-1 workflows and integrations. JT-NM Tested makes it easier for end users to identify which products conform to key parts of SMPTE standards and AMWA NMOS specifications. They will also be able to make more confident purchasing decisions from the vendors whose products conform.

Technical Lead at Pebble, Cristian Recoseanu explains, “The hope of enabling smoother IP integrations inside media production facilities has long been a hot topic. It has gained renewed significance because of a greater desire to make the transition to IP technologies while keeping complexity and integration efforts under control. By being a confirmed part of the NMOS open ecosystem, Pebble has shown how its solutions adhere to the most testing specifications and removes the barriers for simple and seamless integrations.”

Pebble’s Head of R&D, Daniel Robinson says, “Meeting the test conditions laid down by JT-NM allows our customers to gain visibility into our track record in terms of aligning our solutions with the essential industry standards and specifications. It’s a testament to the great efforts of our teams designing systems and tools that meets the needs of broadcasters as they overcome the challenges of transitioning to IP-based technologies. I’m delighted that our efforts have been recognised in this way and it was brilliant to participate in the program with other esteemed industry peers.”

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Meet our Technical Lead, Edmund Lewry

Edmund featured in TVBEurope’s “Meet The” Series where they talk to a range of people working within the media and entertainment industry about their average working day in their roles. The piece can be found online here.

Talk us through an average day of your role?

I work at Pebble as one of the Technical Leads for R&D working specifically on Oceans which is our cloud-first broadcast technology platform. Here we are working to deliver our playout automation solutions via Oceans either on-premises or in the cloud or across both to offer a hybrid approach.

I start the day early and first work out what I want to achieve that day and build a to-do list. Much of my role is overseeing the code written by our team of software developers. I also perform some coding/development work myself, looking at what tickets have come in as well as prioritising what features we need to build on our playout automation software, working quite closely with product owner, Tom Cage, Head of Automation to ensure that what we deliver with our Pebble Automation software translates as it should on the Oceans platform.

How did you get started in the media industry?

I started at Pebble fresh out of university having graduated with a degree in computer science just over 9 years ago. Working in this industry was entirely serendipitous. It was one of the few jobs I had applied for that met my salary expectations and on top of that the work described really interested me. It’s quite an appealing niche I have found myself in! It’s the kind of work you don’t see the equivalent of in the market because you’re working on complex real time software development of interesting solutions that are uniquely pertinent to Pebble and the way we deliver them.

What training did you have before entering the industry?

I haven’t had any specific media based training. My degree in Computer Science has definitely been useful for this role, but to truly understand the industry I’ve had to immerse myself in it. I have attended in-house training courses to understand the context in which our solutions are delivered and how they serve broadcasters who are our main customer base. I have also attended IBC which was incredibly useful to gain further context and learn more about the media and TV industry from a broader perspective.

Why do you enjoy working in the industry?

First off it’s the people. It’s the one thing that has made me stay at Pebble. And of course, the work we do has kept me interested and motivates me. Right now the industry is going through an interesting transitional period. We’re in this weird part of history right now, because the industry is moving away from traditional infrastructure working on-premises to IP and cloud-based technologies, where new standards have been released from the likes of SMPTE and AMWA, together with new approaches to broadcast workflows and playout automation. What we do at Pebble is quite complicated – and it needs to be to cater for complex workflows in a way that makes it easier for our customers. It’s great making it all work together and knowing we make a difference where it counts.

What piece of advice would you offer someone looking to explore a role similar to yours?

As a software developer it’s so important to spend time to understand and enjoy the media side of the role. In some cases, individuals can fall in the trap of defining themselves as ‘software developers who happen to work in media industry.’ If you want to work in this industry, you can speed up your own self-development if you truly understand the disparate pieces of the industry. Knowing what the industry actually does and having that perspective means you avoid major pitfalls. For example, code can be written that fits the brief but is not fit for purpose – a product owner is likely to point out that it will fall down at a specific point, because you haven’t considered how it gets used in the wider context. So treat the broadcast industry with the same level of importance and curiosity as the software industry and I think you’ll really enjoy the work.


Pebble to demonstrate its hybrid cloud playout offering and IP connection management solution at IBC 2022

Weybridge, Surrey, UK – 31 August 2022: Pebble, the leading automation, content management, and integrated channel specialist, is delighted to confirm its presence at IBC2022 in Amsterdam. Pebble will be exhibiting between the 9th and 12th of September in Hall 8, Stand B75.

With playout automation solutions controlling over 1,500 channels in more than 70 countries, the company will demonstrate its suite of solutions including Pebble Automation, Integrated Channel and Pebble Remote.

Pebble Automation is an enterprise-level solution delivering robust functionality at a scale that suits any operation, with the ability to flex and adapt as the customer’s channel count and workflows change. A powerful centralised ingest, content management and multi-channel system, it controls mission-critical operations at scores of broadcasters and service providers around the world and is scalable from one to hundreds of channels. Visitors to the show will see how Pebble are supporting the transition to IP, combining on-premises playout with channels running in the public cloud, all using the same control interface.

Pebble’s software defined, scalable, Integrated Channel solution with uniquely flexible channel pipeline design offers audio, video and graphics functionality in a compact, cost-effective format to meet the needs for ingest, channel branding and frame-accurate multi-channel playout requirements.

Pebble Remote, a tool for web-based monitoring and control in the cloud as well as on-premises, provides 24/7 secure remote access to mission-critical control of playlists, as well as consolidating control access across several playout sites. Designed to support systems that comprise of multiple channels, Pebble Remote has helped many broadcasters easily navigate the challenges of working beyond the normal boundaries of a playout facility.

Pebble is also looking forward to showcasing its latest award-winning solution, Pebble Control, for the first time at a major industry show in Europe. A self-contained, scalable, and easy to configure IP connection management tool, Pebble Control is designed to make IP connectivity as simple as SDI. It leverages open standards to interface with NMOS-enabled devices from multiple vendors and enables broadcasters to make the leap to an all-IP facility without the need to deploy a bespoke enterprise solution.

A freemium version – Pebble Control Free – was launched earlier this year, providing entry level access where users can download the software via a self-service portal. Pebble Control Free enables the broadcast and media community to try out the functionality, and upskill their teams whilst they contemplate their first steps into IP.

Alison Pavitt, Director of Sales and Marketing at Pebble, says,“We are looking forward to reconnecting with the industry once again at IBC 2022 and showcasing the result of the company’s continued investment in R&D efforts, particularly with our hybrid cloud playout solutions and IP connectivity. Releasing Pebble Control Free is our way of giving back to the broadcast community, whether they’re an end user or vendor. It fills an important gap in the technology stack, effectively democratising the transition to IP.”

Pebble CTO, Miroslav Jeras adds, “Broadcasters are navigating their way through their IP transition, and finding the right partner like Pebble is critical to business success as they take this next step. We have no doubt that one of the hot topics at IBC will be around how to successfully make the leap from SDI to IP, and we’re looking forward to sharing our insights and expertise at the show.”

To meet with Pebble at IBC and chat about playout on the ground or in the cloud (or a mixture of both) or to discuss solutions for IP connection management, please visit: https://www.pebble.tv/news/meet-us-at-ibc-2022/



Pebble to demonstrate its hybrid playout solution offering the confidence of on-premises with the flexibility of the cloud at Brazil’s SET EXPO 2022

With its playout automation solutions controlling more than 1500 channels in over 70 countries, Pebble is looking forward to reconnecting with customers whilst showcasing its hybrid cloud playout solutions at the exhibition.

Weybridge, Surrey, UK, 16 August 2022: Pebble, the leading automation, content management, and integrated channel specialist, is delighted to confirm its presence at this year’s SET EXPO, the largest broadcast technology exhibition in Latin America. Pebble will exhibit on Stand #9, with reseller and partner Videodata.

The company will demonstrate its Pebble Automation solution for enterprise-level automation and powerful multi-channel delivery. This platform delivers robust functionality at a scale that suits any operation, with the ability to flex and adapt as the customer’s channel count and workflows change. A powerful centralized ingest, content management and multi-channel solution, it controls mission-critical operations at scores of broadcasters and service providers around the world and is scalable from one to hundreds of channels. Visitors to the show will see how Pebble can play out channels on the ground and in the cloud by running AWS cloud instances.

In addition to seeing Pebble’s market-leading playout automation and integrated channel solutions in action, visitors will have the chance to view demos of its award-winning IP connection management tool, Pebble Control. Designed to enable broadcasters and production facilities to create and manage secure operational workflows to configure and monitor IP devices within a broadcast environment, Pebble Control is a self-contained, scalable solution which is easy to configure, deploy and operate using web-based UIs. It makes IP connection management as simple as SDI, and is now available in a free to download version for those making their first steps into IP infrastructures.

Rosalvo Carvalho, CEO of Videodata said: “We’re delighted to be working with Pebble to showcase their innovative solutions at SET EXPO. The chance to meet with customers in person is invaluable and it’s fantastic that we’re in a position to partner with Pebble in this way to help forge those all-important relationships.”

David Kicks, VP Sales – Americas, commented that “The events of the last couple of years have obviously meant that we could mainly engage with our customers digitally. While that has worked well for us, nothing beats meeting new and existing customers face to face and attending SET EXPO provides a brilliant opportunity to reconnect with customers and industry peers, and to offer hands on access to our range of solutions.

“We have a highly valued customer base in Brazil and we’re excited to showcase our newest developments to the market. Having a physical presence at the show and working with the highly knowledgeable and experienced Videodata team to support our customers underlines our commitment to delivering customized solutions to this market and we look forward to sharing more on this at SET EXPO.”

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Meet us at IBC 2022

The Pebble team is looking forward to seeing you at IBC 2022! You’ll find us in Hall 8 Stand B75. We will demonstrate our market-leading playout automation and integrated channel solutions and showcase our award-winning IP connection management tool, Pebble Control.

If you’d like to chat about playout on the ground or in the cloud (or a mixture of both), if you’re looking at solutions for IP connection management, or if you’d just like to catch up, we’d love that too!

Get in touch to book your appointment using the form below or email us at sales@pebble.tv

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