Industry Insights: Distribution and delivery pros talk 2022 outlook

Newscast Studio piece: Answers from Alison Pavitt, Director of Sales and Marketing, Pebble.

Earlier this year, we spoke with professionals and changemakers all across the broadcast industry to get their outlook on the upcoming year.

This Industry Insights roundtable features answers from those whose companies specialize in broadcast distribution and delivery including playout, streaming, file transfer and broadcast monitoring. 

What is your 2022 outlook?

A strong 2021, a host of new developments coming on stream, and a trusted portfolio of products all position Pebble well for 2022. As we enter the third Covid-affected year our user base and the wider industry is pushing ahead with expansion and transformation plans, and we’re already seeing a growth in broadcasters exploring our flexible hybrid solutions.

What trends are you watching in 2022?

The rise of broadcasters transitioning to IP workflows whether in the cloud or in uncompressed on the ground deployments. We all saw this trend accelerate because of Covid, and now we’re seeing more nuance in the ways in which broadcasters want to leverage these technologies and on what timescale.

Any lasting lessons from 2021 to consider?

One way of removing uncertainty is make remote the norm where practical, and here at Pebble we became a remote-only organization in 2021. A key benefit has been the huge increase in the pool of talent we are able to attract from literally anywhere in the world.

How is the continued supply chain disruption impacting your business, if at all?

As we head into 2022, the issues of component shortages the industry has faced this year will persist, so our existing initiatives around sourcing continue. However, lead times in 2021 were rarely as long as quoted, and thanks to our excellent administrative support and the willingness of our customers to work with us around project timings we were able to minimize the impact on our ability to deliver.

What’s your outlook on trade shows for the year ahead?

2021 taught us that the summer months are the least disrupted so we have more confidence in tradeshows happening in that period. The past two years have taught us just how much we can achieve remotely, so we expect to focus more effort on online events where we have greater reach and more predictability.